Concealed Carry Legislation to be Introduced


Hearing Expected Next Week in Wausau

It appears the gun lobby is going to try to quickly pass extreme legislation to allow concealed weapons in most all public places with minimal or no restrictions or requirements.

We expect the legislation will be released later this week or early next week and a hearing will take place in Wausau on Thursday, May 12.   

Call your legislators today and ask them to “oppose allowing concealed weapons or at the very least support reasonable restrictions that will protect victims of domestic violence, advocates, law enforcement and other citizens”

Talking points:

  • Loosening gun restrictions will put more victims in mortal danger. Nationally and in Wisconsin, more domestic violence homicides are committed with guns than by all other methods combined.
  • At the very least, the bill should explicitly exempt domestic violence victim shelters and service providers and other social service settings.  Victims who flee an abusive home are at extreme risk to be attacked and killed.  If politicians don’t want guns in the Capitol or in government buildings, why would they not offer the same protection to domestic violence victims?
  • Any bill that passes should include training requirements, permits and stiff penalties for anyone who violates the regulations.

Again, please call your legislators today .


Hearing on Carrying Concealed Weapons:

Thursday, May 12, Wausau 10 a.m.

Details to be announced

Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee

Senator Zipperer

Senator Kedzie

Senator Galloway

Senator Erpenbach

Senator Risser