46. Grace Krejci

23 years old

November 16, 2010

West Allis

Milwaukee County

Grace Krejci was shot by her estranged husband, Matthew Krejci, 27, who then committed suicide. The shootings occurred in the home of Grace Krejci’s sister, where she had been living since separating from her husband. Their three-yearold daughter was in the home at the. The deaths were discovered by Grace Krejci’s father, who had come to the home because the couple’s five-year-old son had not been picked up from school. Grace Krejci had filed for divorce in July, and the final hearing was scheduled for December 2.

At the time of the homicide, Matthew Krejci was subject to a harassment restraining orderissued in September 2009 that prohibited contact with Grace Krejci. He was also under a no-contact order with a firearm prohibition as a condition of probation after being convicted of violating the harassment order. He had repeatedly called and sent text messages to her in violation of the order. Matthew Krejci had made a prior suicide attempt while caring for his daughter, and he was charged with child neglect. A jury trial was pending in that case at the time of the homicide.

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