Housing Bill that Will Remove Protections for DV Victims Headed to Committee Vote

Please call your state legislators today and tell them to oppose SB 466 and AB 561, which would remove housing protections for victims of domestic violence.  This bill would encourage landlords to threaten to penalize or evict tenants for calling the police or other emergency services.  As a result, victims of abuse will not seek help from law enforcement or will be re-victimized if they do.

Talking points:

  • Please oppose SB 466 and AB 561.
  • This bill removes the penalty for landlords who threaten eviction based solely on victims contacting law enforcement for help.
  • Just because someone is a renter, doesn't mean he or she should be denied basic safety and protection. 
  • When victims are discouraged by landlords from calling the police, abusers and rapists go free, and we are all less safe as a result. 
  • Thank you.