Take Action: Sequester Endangers Women

The headlines about budget cuts and “sequestration” aren’t telling the real story of what is happening in our communities, to victims of domestic and sexual violence, and to the anti-violence programs that serve them.

Congress needs to hear from you: funding cuts are gutting services for victims and endangering women’s lives!

After years of budget cuts, domestic and sexual violence programs have been forced to reduce services, are losing experienced staff, and are left struggling to keep the lights on and the doors open. Every day, victims in dire need of lifesaving services must be turned away because of funding cuts to victim service programs, social services, law enforcement, and housing programs -- just to name a few.

The Congressionally-mandated sequester cuts are now taking effect, further decimating the resources that victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking need to escape and heal from violence and abuse. Congress’ mandated cuts mean less funding at a time when more victims are coming forward for counseling, shelter and services.

Please join us in calling on Congress to end the sequester and ensure that lifesaving services will continue to be available to victims of domestic and sexual violence.

Millions of victims receive services from local programs each year, including emergency shelter, counseling, assistance in obtaining protective orders, and more. But many requests for services go unmet due to a lack of funding and resources.

Sequestration cuts will cause an additional 526,008 victims each year to lose access to services and support. Check out and forward this infographic that explains the devastaing impact. We cannot stand by while victims of domestic and sexual violence are turned away from the services they need. 

Please send a message to Congress urging them to end the sequester and the funding cuts that are devastating services victims need.

From NNEDV:http://www.nnedv.org/.

Selected Resources

Voting Guide for Advocates and Survivors

This guide is meant to help advocates assist their clients with the voting process. With recent law changes and court decisions, even the basics of how to cast a ballot can be very confusing  The guide covers voter registeration, ID requirements and determining where to vote. 

Development and Maintenance of Policies Prohibiting Harassment of LGBTQ People


This webinar is about policies to promote inclusion of both LGBTQ clients and employees.  After viewing the webinar, participants will be able to list the types of policies that support an environment free of harassment and bullying of LGBTQ people, describe ways to assist staff in understanding and following the policies, and list the elements of a plan to monitor claims, address them seriously, and document their corrective action(s). 

VIEW AND LISTEN. You will be directed to a short survey and the link to the recorded webinar.


The series is provided by the Department of Children and Families (DCF) Domestic Abuse Program, and presented by Molly Herrmann, statewide training consultant and member of the End Domestic Abuse WI and WI Coalition Against Sexual Assault LGBTQ Committee. Services Act (FVPSA) federal requirements. Webinar 3 is Development and Maintenance of Policies Prohibiting  Discrimination and Harassment of LGBTQ People.

The series offers a wonderful opportunity to reflect on organization practices and culture, and to build bridges between existing knowledge and skills and innovative, emerging practices, while also meeting the DCF training requirement.

All staff of DCF domestic violence programs receiving FVPSA funding must view each webinar live (February and March 2015) or recorded.


When you have completed the recorded webinar, download the certificate below.  It can be completed electronically or by hand and printed. Handouts are also available for download.