Bibliography of Rural & Tribal Resources
Creator Power & Control Wheel-developed by Mending the Sacred Hoop
Links to Rural & Tribal Programs and Services

Included is a list of links to both statewide and national programs that provide a variety of rural & tribal resources and services.

Outreach Office Manual-Building and Maintaining a Successful Outreach Office in Your Community

Outreach Office Manual-the Outreach Manual is available to our member programs only. However, if you are not a member program or work in another state and are interested in this manual please call us at (608) 255-0539.

Pet and Farm Animal Safety

Many victims fear that if they seek shelter, their animals will be abused or killed in retaliation for leaving the home. It is important to include the family animals in a safety plan.  

Coalition Chronicles 32-3: Violence Against Women...A Global Reality

This end-of-the-year issue of the Coalition Chronicles looks at several aspects of the global phenomenon of violence against women. It connects you to information and explorations of related issues such as the link between children’s and women’s well-being and the impact of trauma worldwide. It also highlights individual and community rays of hope in expanded immigration protections, organized acts of resistance, and celebrations of strength and resilience. Please click on the link below, and take a moment enrich your knowledge of Wisconsin and the world, and to be inspired! There's always something new to learn.