Overview of State and Federal Laws Impacting Victims of Domestic Violence
A. Restraining Orders in Wisconsin

This grid asks and answers questions about all four types of protection orders.

B. Process to Obtain a Restraining Order in Wisconsin
C. Glossary of Terms - Restraining Orders
D. FAQs for Petitioners about ROs
E. Everything You Need to Know About Enforcement of ROs
F. Changes to the harassment law effective Sept 1, 2010 (slides)
G. Restraining Orders for the Elderly
H. Databases for Wisconsin Civil and Criminal Information
A. Overview of Wisconsin’s mandatory arrest law
B. Glossary of Terms - Criminal Law
C. WI Strangulation and Suffocation Law
D. Firearms Surrender Law and Persons Exempt from Firearms Surrender
A. Glossary of Terms - Family Law
B. Process to obtain a divorce in Wisconsin
C. WI Laws on Child Custody and Physical Placement
D. 2003 Act 130
Legal Remedies for Immigrants and Nonimmigrants Who are Victims of Crime

Prepared by the Midwest Immigrant & Human Rights Center (MIHRC), a program of Heartland Alliance.

Human Trafficking Fact Sheet

Facts and contact information for the National Human Trafficking Resource Center.

Cooperation and Good Cause: Cooperating with Child Support

The Good Cause exception when working with Wisconsin Works (W-2) and child support.

U-Visa Fact Sheet

Information on legal rights available to victims of domestic violence in the U.S. and facts about immigrating on a marriage-based visa. From the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Eligibility for Public Benefit Programs

An outline of available programs in Wisconsin and eligibility information.

A. Federal DV Statutes and Offenses
B. Violence Against Women Act – Summary of VAWA Laws
C. Full Faith and Credit of Protection Orders - Checklist
A. Adult Abuse Reporting Requirements for all WI Professionals
B. Adult Abuse Reporting Requirements for Adult in an Entity
C. Child Abuse Reporting Requirements for Individuals and Entities
D. WI Unemployment Compensation and DV Law
E. Insurance Practices for Victims of Domestic Violence
F. Confidentiality and Voting Records
G. Driver’s Privacy Protection Act
Coalition Chronicles 32-3: Violence Against Women...A Global Reality

This end-of-the-year issue of the Coalition Chronicles looks at several aspects of the global phenomenon of violence against women. It connects you to information and explorations of related issues such as the link between children’s and women’s well-being and the impact of trauma worldwide. It also highlights individual and community rays of hope in expanded immigration protections, organized acts of resistance, and celebrations of strength and resilience. Please click on the link below, and take a moment enrich your knowledge of Wisconsin and the world, and to be inspired! There's always something new to learn.

NNEDV Safety Net’s Technology & Confidentiality Resources Toolkit

This unique and innovative micro website was developed by NNEDV’s Safety Net Team to assist domestic violence, dating abuse, sexual violence, and stalking non-profit victim service organizations and partnerships including victims service agencies with specific and useful resources on confidentiality and privacy.

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children - Dane County Needs Assessment
Fact Sheets Related to Brookfield Shooting

These two fact sheets cover topics that were implicated by the shootings at a Brookfield, Wisconsin salon on Sunday, October 21, 2012.  They address (1) domestic violence and the workplace and (2) restraining orders and firearm surrender.   

Military victims/survivors handbook

Wisconsin handbook to assist victims/survivors of domestic abuse connected to the military.Coming soon!

Wisconsin Human Trafficking Protocol and Resource Manual
Working with Battered Immigrants: VAWA Immigration Remedies

Join Morgan Young, End Abuse Immigration and Poverty Law Attorney, for a discussion of VAWA remedy trends, concerns and best practices when working with battered immigrants. 

You will learn about: 

  • Common distinctions and strategies within VAWA immigration law
  • Which questions to ask and what type of assistance to seek in your advocacy with battered immigrants

This webinar was designed for advocates who have little or no knowledge of immigration law.  The webinar was recorded on December 4, 2013, and runs for less than 60 minutes.

View and Listen

Custody and Placement - Overview and Troubleshooting (6.9.14)

Morgan discusses some of the most commonly raised issues regarding custody and placement, including non-marital children, leaving with children and changing orders.

Click HERE to view and listen to the recorded webinar.